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I'm guessing you eat the mint
intsead of brushing your teeth...

Food-On-the-Go doesn't have to be unhealthy, tasteless and stressful. Even when we do mini day-trips, it's guaranteed that my kids need water or a snack, so we never leave the house without water bottles and something "just in case". So every time we head out for a road trip or plane ride, along with the water bottles, I make sure to prepare foods that are substantial and convenient to eat in transit, and pack a bag of healthy snacks like fruits and nuts. 

Using any leftovers you have will also make a good meal. Basically anything you would pack for lunch works, like a sandwich, because you know that it's a disappointing choice, unless you're traveling first class. ;) In preparation for a trip, merely cook a little more of a few meals and use up all foods in the fridge so that you're not scrambling last minute to have foods AND finish everything up AND pack!!! 

Empty the fridge and bring your leftovers for a great in-flight meal

Some of our fav homemade travel foods are: 

Life is good when you have a garden 
with lots of goodies! #gardenenvy

We were fortunate to have a holiday visiting friends, so there were lots of fun times cooking together and enjoying their garden/market-fresh produce. I truly appreciated the use of seasonal, local produce, because that's all you could get (without spending a small fortune!) I really didn't miss the sweet potatoes, mushrooms, because I was so excited to use the super-fresh foods. ;) It would be so amazing to have my own garden... maybe one day! 

We only went out to eat a few times in Europe, and while I'm not 100% vegan nor completely gluten-free yet, I do realize the difficulty of getting great vegetables when eating out. Aside from an average salad, sometimes you are hard-pressed to find something to eat. Being the only one who has dietary preferences, I "go with the flow" and make the most out of what is available. At the end of the day, I need to eat! It's important to try local specialities, be sociable and not worry about it. 

Try local foods/specialities.
These are barnacles,
popular in the north of Spain.
They taste like the sea! ;) 

Since I'm 100% in control of what I eat when at home, I don't feel guilty when having a few mouthfuls of non-vegan, gluten-laden foods whilst traveling or when dining with friends. After all, is difficult to resist a tiny bit of that freshly-baked crusty baguette when in France. Especially when it comes from that small family-run patisserie around the corner! There is care, pride and quality in these foods, so much better than anything factory-made. 

I was conscious of my holiday food choices though, steering clear of foods that just don't make me feel good (pasta, stale bread, dairy, and red meat) and of course, getting as many veggies in as possible. For strict vegetarians/vegans/celiac, ask the restaurant for your options. Sometimes you could be pleasantly surprised. 

However if you are strict with your diet/lifestyle choice, then a bit of research is definitely a must. Thanks to Google, finding restaurants, and even accommodation, to suit your needs isn't as hard as it used to be in the good old days of LP guidebooks. 

While sightseeing, look for markets or small 
artisanal food shops and pick up more transit 
foods as you go, especially for your trip back home.
Here are some great sources that I found. 

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gluten-free kitchens




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