Friday, June 13, 2014

Consciously Happy – Summer 2014

If you missed our "Consciously Happy" Happiness Project, join us for the CONSCIOUSLY HAPPY – SUMMER SESSION, starting on JULY 1st! This is a 12-week program based on Gretchen Rubin's book "The Happiness Project." Each week, we focus on a specific area in your life that you can improve with 3-5 feasible resolutions that you set for yourself every day to improve your vitality, attitude, actions, and reactions. Post your intentions at the beginning of the week on our exclusive group page, and track your progress each day to help with your own accountability. As with other self-help groups, participation is encouraged and more advantageous to your own growth and success.

You don't have to be unhappy to want more happiness in your life. Negativity is everywhere; it's much more difficult to be positive. It's much harder, but completely doable, to capture something POSITIVE, even the smallest thing, that shines in yourself, in people around you, and in your life. Join us now! Contact: for more information.

"This group has been perfect and life changing. It has given me exactly what I needed to make the shift. For me, what has worked are Gretchen's resolutions. I respond well to having a list of tasks. Also - the accountability - being asked to post my resolutions and check in with them has been really helpful."
– Maureen Sullivan, CHHC 

"This group is my safe haven when I need to be uplifted or to share a triumph; it's like a virtual best friend full of positivity and support! Y'all are my sisters in happiness."

– Brittany Shelton, CHHC 

"I've changed so many things thanks to this group. I've learned not to waste my time & energy with people that are obviously not on the same page as I am. I've learned to focus that happiness and energy into my current work and working towards my HC business and making awesome changes. Thank you all!"

– Georgina Aguilar, CHHC 

"I have loved this group. I want to surround myself with like-minded, positive people. This group has done that for me. It's also given me ideas when I read others' resolutions for the week - things I had never thought about doing. Thank you, Christine, and everyone else in this group. I wouldn't change a thing!"

– Sharon W. Ortiz, CHHC


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