Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plane Packing

With all the air travel restrictions and cut-backs, it's another challenge altogether to pack food for the actual airplane journey. (Is this all just to coerce you into purchase water and fast food, that you don't REALLY want to eat?) In Asian and European countries, you can actually find a great meal at the airport, but it's pretty tough finding good, fresh, unprocessed meals here. Over the years, I've always brought a small bag of food for travel. It's easier, especially in keeping young children fed and happy, but it's also more delicious and nutritious. I must say I don't miss any in-flight "chicken or beef" meals, or even the special dietary needs ones. 

Here are some travel food ideas. Best to try to keep things simple – easy to eat, not so bulky, and no overpowering smells (like a boiled egg). The New York Times had an article about freezing food first and used shrimp cocktail as an example, but I'm not so sure that travels well. I imagine it would be soggy and a bit smelly for your fellow passengers....

These empanadas were
a handy, substantial meal

For short-haul flights, depending on the time of day, it's pretty easy to bring along a snack. For early morning departures, muffins, or bagels are a handy breakfast. Fruit or vegetables that travel well too (no pun intended), like apples, clementines, avocado (cut in half and the pith removed) carrot sticks are great, as long as you're not travelling to foreign lands, in most cases, eat them before you land, (Note: from Canada to the U.S. customs is before your flight, so don't bring any fresh produce for your flight.) Granola bars, dried fruits and nuts are a good and healthy energy snack for any time. For afternoon or evening flights, your favorite sandwich, empanadas or foods are fine at room temperature like a pesto pasta, or couscous with vegetables or sliced meat for more substance. A tub of chicken salad is also great. For long-haul flights, bring a bit of everything, especially if you are changing time zones. Try to eat the correct meal at the time of your destination, to get a head start on the time change. 

Most importantly, stay hydrated, we always have water bottles that are filled once we pass through security. Happy travels!

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