Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympian Foods

Watching all the ads during the Olympics, it's ironic that fast food and soda conglomerates are portraying an image of health and fitness. Jamie Oliver is a great figure of influence in his campaign against obesity in children. In a Letter to the UK Times he wrote two days ago, he condones the use of influential athletes in promoting junk food. It's so great to have someone who can promote awareness and help make a difference. 

Perhaps an athlete may have an occasional soda, but McDonald's? Even my kids were dubious. An athlete maintains a strict, balanced and nutritious diet. Whole foods – proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables provide the necessary minerals and energy. Staying hydrated, but not with Coke/caffeine, is also essential. Check out these 5 Olympian diets.

London's amazing 2012 Olympic Food Vision includes :

  • Fairtrade coffee, tea, sugar and bananas
  • Local and seasonal ingredients
  • Free-range chickens and eggs 
  • Sustainable fish 
As role models for future generations of athletes, this is the message that should be sent out to the millions of viewers watching the events around the globe – promoting a strong, healthy and sustainable food future.

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