Friday, September 9, 2011

Saving the Flavors of Summer


It's hard to believe summer is officially over. This is a perfect time to go to the Farmer's Markets and stock up on the summer harvest before autumn sets in. Buy lots of tomatoes and make prepare some Oven-Roasted Tomato Sauce; get a couple of big bunches of basil and make a few batches of Pesto.

Thanks for an essential tip from my friend, Kate, pick up ears of peak-season corn, cut the kernels off and freeze (make sure you have a sharp knife and a clear space, as the kernels tend to fly off everywhere when cutting). No need to cook, just store the kernels in freezer bags until ready to use. Five ears of corn fills about two flat sandwich bagfuls. Last year we finished the corn even before Halloween, so this time, I plan to stock up each week until the end of season. The corn is so flavorful and sweet, very different from any store-bought bags (and cheaper too). If you are ├╝ber-organized, you can label the date of preparation and consume accordingly. There is nothing like capturing the freshness of summer and savoring these flavors in the middle of winter.

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