Thursday, September 18, 2014

Be informed

We have become so removed and de-sensitized from our food sources, do we really know what we are eating? What chemicals or ingredients are being added? What safety standards are being upheld? Why is it necessary to fabricate foods in a science lab to make them "enticing", addictive, and to last FOREVER?? It's interesting how we choose to be oblivious of where our food comes from.

The messages of all these eye-opening food documentaries and books reveal information that will allow any viewer to make conscious decisions in food choices.

films (click to watch)books
CowspiracyAnimal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Fast Food NationComfortably Unaware by Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (full movie)        Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser 
Fed UpFat Chance by Robert H. Lustig, M.D.
Food IncFolks, This Ain't Normal by Joel Salatin
Food MattersFood Choice and Sustainability by Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Forks Over KnivesFood Politics by Marion Nestle
Hungry for ChangeFood Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan 
King CornKitchen Literacy by Ann Vileisis
The MeatrixNutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price
Meet Your MeatThe Onmivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan 
Seeds of Death (full movie)Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss 
Super Size Me (full movie)Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel
Veducated (full movie)World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky

By making conscious choices, you can not only take charge of your own health, but also change the health of the environment. The most recent independent documentary "Cowspiracy" primarily focuses on revealing the effort the beef industry takes to cover up of what is a the most serious threat to the Earth's environment. It's gotten to the point where these issues are really too important to ignore.

Before you start despairing, this isn't about having to cook all the time (although that's a good thing to do), nor is it necessarily about supporting animal rights and becoming vegan. It's about being aware of what the Big Food corporations are doing, and how they are spreading the diabetes/obesity (diabesity) pandemic throughout the world by manufacturing cheap, addictive, low-nutrient, fake foods. It's about being knowledgeable about your food choices. It's really just about eating REAL FOOD.

Real food doesn't have to be those trendy, exotic, and expensive "superfoods". Go back to basics, buy in bulk, find local, small farm sources, and even grow some of your own food (even if it's just a little.) Pressed for time? Prepare foods in advance, and in larger quantities so that there is still the convenience of always being able to grab or throw together something healthy to eat.

Real Food is:
  • Fresh, seasonal, local and/or organic – Not genetically modified or sprayed heavily with pesticides, or gases to ripen during shipment.
  • A whole ingredient, like nuts, fruits and vegetables (local or organic is preferable.)
  • Meat – Humanely raised, pasture-raised (eaten in moderation.)
  • Seafood – Wild-caught (eaten in moderation.)
  • Dairy products – Organic, whole, unsweetened and pasture-raised.
  • Anything without a nutrition label – If it does, it should be minimally processed with 5 ingredients or less, and all words your should recognize, like whole grains (brown rice, steel-cut oats, nuts, seeds, popcorn, etc.)
  • Natural sweeteners – Honey, Maple syrup, dates

    It's not so hard to make the Real Food change, it's a matter of taking that first step to WANT to take charge of what you are eating. Still daunted? I can help you each step of the way! ;) Contact me to schedule a free 50-minute Health History consultation to determine how we can work together to develop a program that best suits you, to help you eat better and to get you on the path to feeling your best.


    1. Nice post Christine! I'm anxiously waiting for the mail carrier to deliver FedUp so I can watch it! Hadn't heard of Cowspiracy but will have to take a look.

    2. Oh, good! I'm never sure, especially since no one ever responds to these types of posts. But to talk about food, everyone loves to talk about food!!!

    3. ha! FedUp just arrived so I'm getting ready to watch. I just missed Cowspiracy at a theater near me :( guess I'll have to wait for DVD.

      Well...I for one LOVE documentaries especially on this subject and books....can't get enough. So you have at least one reader that was happy and learned something :)

    4. Thanks for the list. I'll check out your post. I just ordered FedUp today to watch with my elementary/middle/high school classes


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