Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hidden Animal Ingredients

Did you know that so many common foods have animal-derived ingredients? Watching Episode 3 of the second season of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, there was a very memorable clip where he taught a group of high school kids about the ingredients of some of the colorful candy and cookie dough toppings the kids put on an ice cream sundae. Bugs and feathers, yuck! This clip was a definite eye-opener. Here are a few foods that you should probably know about, especially what is seemingly vegetarian, is in reality, not. Who on earth came up with the idea of adding these ingredients in the first place? 


Derived from human and hog hair 
or duck feathers
To soften pizza dough, cookies, pastries 
and fast food buns

Bone Char    

Cattle bones

Used to filter, whiten and process sugar


a ground-up female beetle 
that feeds on cacti

Red coloring in some juices, candies, 
popsicles and those cherries!


Protein from bones, cartilage, 
tendons, and skin of animals

Marshmallows, yogurt, cereals, 
gelatin-containing desserts


Air bladder of sturgeon
and other freshwater fish

Used to "clarify" some wines and beer


Enzyme from pig's stomach

Causes milk to coagulate 
to become cheese


Enzyme from calf's stomach

Causes milk to coagulate 
to become cheese


Secretion of the lac bug                         

To glaze candies and fresh apples 


Solid fat of sheep and cattle 


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