Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day (and every day)

April 22nd is Earth Day, although in my opinion, every day should be a conscious effort to keep in mind how much our actions affect the world we live in. 

Here are some key ways you can do this in the kitchen:
  • Shop at your local farmer’s market;
  • Grow a pot of mixed fresh herbs, you only ever need a few sprigs for a recipe;
  • Eat foods in season, or modify recipes according to season;
  • Try to buy some organic produce (see the "Dirty Dozen" list of foods high in pesticides);
  • One-pot meals use less energy and will save on clean-up, too! (Beef StewMore-than-Chicken SoupFried Rice...);
  • Serve recommended 3-4oz protein portion size, so that each meal is balanced with vegetables, grains. Even having a vegetarian meal once a week is beneficial to your body and the earth;
  • Use cool water to rinse vegetables—or use a large bowl to wash all the produce for your meal in one go. You could even re-use this water to rinse dishes before loading the dishwasher;
  • Allow leftover food to cool completely before putting it into the refrigerator;
  • Let the dishes in the dishwasher air dry, especially in the summer;
  • Use dishtowels, cloth napkins, real plates and cutlery instead of paper and plastic products;
  • Use eco-friendly cleansers and products for everyday tasks;
  • Use water filters instead of buying bottled water. Refill your own BPA free bottles;
  • ALWAYS carry around compact, reusable shopping bags, you know you'll need one!

For more earth-saving ideas, see 50 Ways to Help the Planet.

Earth Day history and information. Take action!

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